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Hard Hitting Closeup Magic! (Taco Tuesday Highlights)

Luke Dancy

Couldn't catch this week's Taco Tuesday show for magicians live with us? Don't worry we're got the replay for you and the highlights of this week's featured magic tricks below so you won't miss a thing! 

Ready to kick back and enjoy this week's show in its entirety? Click below and let the fun begin! We'll be back next week at 8:30pm EST live with you. We can't wait!

Last night we highlighted some HARD HITTING closeup magic. There's mentalism, coin magic and some of the best damn card magic the magic world has ever seen.



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The Famous Llaser Matrix is unlike anything you've seen before. The visuals are amazing and surprising and the included gimmicks do most of the work for you! The last coin vanish is set up for specific performing conditions but you can use ANY of your favorite coin vanishes to end the routine. Click here to get yours. 

Propless mentalism is some of our favorite stuff! The Traveller is the epitome of anytime anywhere magic where you can reveal a country someone is just thinking of. It's no wonder people like Peter Turner and Angelo Carbone are raving about this one! Click here to get The Traveller.

Don't forget! We go live each and every Tuesday at 8:30pm EST on both our YouTube Channel and Facebook page. We'd love to have you join us for an upcoming show. 

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