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About Us

Welcome to your online home for ALL THINGS MAGIC! We're an enthusiastic community of magicians from all over the world sharing our love for the art of magic together.

Thanks to the internet it's never been easier to connect with other magicians all in one place. If you're looking to become a better magician, or just have questions about something you are working on, join our community of magicians now by dropping by our live chat room The Lounge. Get access to our community by joining our private Facebook group or following our public Facebook page. 

There's always something going on out there in the 'magic world' so be sure to check back every day for the latest magic news, product reviews and what's hot in the magic marketplace.

If you love magic, or are just getting started, you're definitely in the right place.

Let's continue supporting and helping each other with no BS in between. Dig it? 

Welcome Home!

Let's Meet Your Founder:

Luke Dancy 

Luke Dancy creator of All Things Magic

Luke Dancy is a Las Vegas based magician, creator and magic consultant with over 30 years of magic experience. He spent seven years as a consultant with Criss Angel, with his MINDFREAK TV series, his live Cirque du Soleil show BeLIEve and other projects, and has created several best-selling magic products used by magicians all over the world.

Luke's deep love for the art of magic is the driving force for All Things Magic. He believes that if you want to be the best at anything you should surround yourself with people that have the same passion that you do.