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Join us LIVE every Tuesday night at 8:30pm EST on our YT Channel and FB Page
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Scary Good Halloween Magic Tricks (See Them Now!)

Luke Dancy

It's time to put the TRICK back in Trick or Treat! Halloween is right around the corner so we're here to share a few of our favorite magic tricks that are perfect for this time of year!

My Pet Boris by Ian Pidgeon ($20)

This one is fun, it's scary and it's GUARANTEED to get you some amazing reactions! Included in the package are the spiders/roaches that will be making an unexpected appearance. It works for both iOS and Android devices. The app (not included) is only $2.99. We know you'll have fun with this one! Click here to order yours now.

Deja Voodoo by Dan Harlan ($19.95)

Deja Voodoo features an object that's perfect for the Halloween season..voodoo dolls! This one is easy to keep with you and even easier to perform! Oh..there's no spelling involved for you 'hot rod' friends out there. Wrap up a simple method with a fun plot and you've got yourself a perfect little showpiece! Order yours here.

Midas Touch by Julio Montoro (Halloween sale price $29.95)

Halloween = handing out, and eating, lots of candy! Midas Touch allows you to really mess with those trick or treaters by making a drawing of candy come to life! They'll never expect this trick and you'll definitely be the house, or the magician at the gig, EVERYONE is talking about! Order Midas Touch.

The Aficionado Fire Wallet ($29.95)

People LOVE fire! Magicians love using it and your spectators are shocked at the sudden appearance of flames..especially from your wallet! (Just ask our ATM buddy Cory Van Valin!)

This fire wallet is well made and once you've got it 'ready' you'll be set for an evening of shocking people with your fire wallet. Trick or Treat? Naww..let's help you light up Halloween night! Click here to order your fire wallet.

Have a few of your own Halloween favorites? Feel free to post them below!

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