All Things Magic Member Spotlight: Avi Yap

Luke Dancy


Member Spotlight: Avi Yap

Avi Yap is a young magician from Singapore who has stormed onto the magic scene in style! Some of you recognize Avi from his new Monarch release but to a lot of us he's the mysterious magician who popped up in The Lounge a few months ago and lit the place up with his magic.

Avi's skill with coins, and a deck of cards, is inspiring and just plain fun to watch. The best part about Avi though? He's incredibly down to earth and humble beyond his years. It's also worth mentioning that his talents go beyond magic as he's also a talented, and award winning, photographer.

When you see Avi work, and get to speak with him, you'll see right away that the future of magic is in great hands!



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