Member Spotlight: Ron Jaxon

Luke Dancy

Member Spotlight: 
Ron Jaxon
Ron 'Action' Jaxon is an amazing magician and magic creator from Kalamazoo Michigan. He's an absolute beast with Invisible Thread AND a lot of people don't know that the jumping filter cigarette trick that Mario Lopez has made popular is actually Ron's trick. He's created all sorts of other fun stuff with cigarettes and his cig manipulation is really impressive too!
I'm proud to say I've known Ron for well over 20 years thanks to the internet message boards long before social media was ever a thing. Gotta love the internet!
I've always loved Ron's creativity but my favorite part about him is how down to earth and helpful he is towards other magicians. For a guy that's 'been there done that' he's always one of the first to offer his help. That says a lot about the guy behind the guy and something I truly admire about him.
Ron is also a regular at the Abbott's Magic Get Together so if you're heading that way in the future keep an eye out for the smooth stylings of the quiet magician in the fedora. He'll kill you with kindness and then get you good with his've been warned!

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