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Only The Good Stuff! (Taco Tuesday Top 3 Favorites)

Luke Dancy

Whooaaa there's a lot of new magic coming out these days!

Don't worry, I've always got my eye out for the best new releases and always do my best to remind you of some hidden favorites along the way. 

These are my personal views on these products so there's no fluff here friends.

1) SLICK by Alan Rorrison ($45.00)

Why do I like this? The short and sweet..what you see is exactly what you get with a method that is practical and fooling. The fact that you get the bonus 'blister' effect is just the icing on the cake. 

Real talk: Yes you can use this as your everyday carry wallet as there's room for your credit cards and your ID. After speaking with Alan he's also let me know that he'll be adding a way to use SLICK for a card to wallet and with the out to lunch principle on the instructional download.

With SLICK it's nice to see we are applying proven concepts into more modern objects that people carry with them on the daily. Oh yeah, I snagged one of these for myself too! Click here to order yours.

2) Magnet-O by Henry Harrius ($99.95)

I'm a BIG fan of Henry Harrius and the clever magic that he creates. Magnet-O isn't brand new to the magic scene but it's been hard to get for a while so it may be brand new to you.

Why do I love this? It's 100% hands off, everything is self-contained and there's an instant reset. This really is the perfect tool to have with you at all times as a magician. Forget difficult sleight of hand this time and just have fun focusing on the presentation. This one is highly recommended! Order yours here.

3) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner by Kaymar Magic ($20.00)

Liam Montier is an old friend of mine and I always love to see what he's up to. 

Winner Winner is the perfect example of taking an extremely clever principle and wrapping it up with an amazing presentation. 

Real Talk: This one is different, it's easy and it's really fun to do! The other nice thing? The artwork is specially designed to work with UK, US and Euro currency (and probably more!) Everyone is a winner with this one! Click here to order yours now. 


All three of these, and more handpicked magic tricks, can be purchased from your neighborhood friendly All Things Magic shop today. Have more questions? Drop a comment below or feel free to join us on our private Facebook group.

Thank you as always for your support and helping us to keep the respect and integrity of magic alive! -Luke Dancy

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