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The Best Of The Best Magic Wallets! (See Them Now)

Luke Dancy

When it comes to magic wallets there's A LOT of options out there! I'm picky, no I'm REALLY picky, with the things that I recommend. Included below are a few of my favorite recent additions to the All Things Magic website that I know you are going to love and get a lot of use out of. 

1) FPS Wallet by Brent Braun (Starting at $60)

With it's slim and elegant minimalist design, and premium functionality, the FPS Wallet is the everyday carry magic wallet you've been waiting for!

Inside, you'll find a remarkably simple, yet fast and practical, loading mechanism. You'll learn how to set up the wallet, load it and use all it's features, including Brent's real-world handling of the Signed Card to Wallet and a special bonus routine from Gregory Wilson where a borrowed ID appears in your wallet.

2) The Shadow Wallet by Dee Christopher ($65)

The Shadow Wallet is one heck of a secret weapon! It's not only the world's slimmest self-contained index it's also a super sleek peek wallet. With the cleanest of peeks and a 6-way index offering up to 12 outs, you'll be developing your own mind-bending routines in no time.

Real Talk: Even when loaded with cash, credit cards and the one-of-a-kind custom gimmicks and special privacy filter, the Shadow Wallet is still less than half an inch thick. This mean it will fit in any pocket, yep even when you're rocking a pair of your tightest jeans! 

3) Flick! Wallet by Tejinaya & Lumos ($130) 

Wow, there's a lot to like about this one! With the Flick! Wallet you get insanely visual appearances, vanishes, transformations and more with just the flick of your finger.

The wallet is incredibly easy to use and works well with bills, playing cards and even coins. Whether you're a magician or mentalist there's really no limit to what you can do with this amazing utility device. 

4) Pyro Wallet by Adam Wilber (69.95)

Looking for BIG reactions? You've definitely found what you're looking for! Handing out your business card is important, but having people remember YOU is just as important. Now you can do both!  

You don't just have to use business cards though. The function of the wallet is simply to light up whatever you put in it.  That can be a playing card as a reveal, or a $5 bill that you’re handing to a barista for your coffee.


Looking for even more options for magic wallets? Click here to check out our full list of wallets that we are proud to offer.

As always if you have questions about any of the products featured here don't forget to use our 'Magic Questions' feature which can be found on our homepage.


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