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#ThrowbackThursday - Don England Magic

Luke Dancy

Don England was my friend. A legend based out of Chicago, Don was a close friend to Ed Marlo and countless other masters that have come before. To say that his thinking, and his magic, was ahead of its time is one big understatement. This #ThrowbackThursday gives just a peek at who Don was. He was more of a creator of magic than a performer but his gentle personality, and devious mind, were a treat to be around.

I welcome you to have a look at the Don England YouTube channel. There are plenty of videos to get lost in showing some of his favorite creations. 

The video above is just one of my favorite things from Don. It's the stream of constant surprises that make the video quality mean absolutely nothing when the quality of the magic is just so good. 

I miss Don but I'm glad that he left behind a wealth of material for us to enjoy so that his magic, and legacy, will live on. 

-Luke Dancy

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  • Sam Hodges, Jr. on

    It was a delight seeing Don performance. Thanks for sharing. We hear so much about such Masters in our distant parts but rarely see them in action.
    It is a testament left behind and I think that more of us should leave some part of our magic behind so that they too may live on.
    Even if we just leave our performances behind may have influence and/or inspiration as well as enjoyment to someone.
    Although you may not think that your contribution of whatever magic, mentalism you do is of worth…get it out there, share it because someone or more may beg the differ!

  • Shaun Robison on

    I only got to met Don twice. Both at the Buffo 52 conventions. He was the greatest guy I’ve ever gotten to know. He shared with me so many tips and techniques on building gaffs that I would never have even thought of!
    He was like a duck on the water. On the top he was so very calm and gentle. It was underneath where he was the most diabolical and mysterious!
    Thanks for posting these Luke. I miss him too.

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