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Check Out Our Top 3 Favorites (This Week)

Luke Dancy

I get asked a lot what some of my favorite magic releases are so I'm here this week to bring you my Top 3. Like what you see here? Grab your favorites from your favorite magic shop! 

1) Phantom Hand by Jean Xueref ($160)

What's to like about this one? Well you finally have something that you can wear, that looks 100% natural to have on your wrist, that also acts as a covert invisible thread device. 

The 'bracelet' is adjustable for pretty much any wrist size and the threading is extremely easy to set up and replace. This is a motorized unit, that is super quiet, but the good news is that it rechargeable via USB. 

It also includes some strong 'break resistant' thread and refills are available if you need to snag more after you've used this for a while. 

Overall to me this is a BIG step forward with invisible thread devices as there really is nothing to hide now. 

2) Acro Index (Large) by Blake Vogt ($99.95)

Bigger isn't always better but it sure is this time! Black Vogt is back with an updated version of his Acro Index dry erase 'utility device' that is now perfect for stage or stand up situations. 

This is SUPER EASY to use and the fact that you can erase the words and reuse it again makes it perfect to customize for a client that has hired you or to promote a brand on social media. 

I've had the original Acro Index and the damn things just keeps on working time after time again. You can tell that these are handmade because they are robust and will last you a really long time! 

Blake Vogt is a name we all know and for good reason. His magic is always smart and just kicks ass.

3) Post Trick by Gustavo Raley 

Do I have a quote at the beginning of the trailer? Yes, yes I do. Did I HAVE to do this as part of my job? Nope, nope and nope! I love it when people find a way to bring out a visual trick that not only works for video BUT for real life situations too. 

Gustavo Raley created a simple but smart way to change a stack of post-it notes into a big ole stack of bills and to finish things off you can make one of the notes change into a single bill. 

This comes in US or EURO denominations as you will pretty much need to use bills that are made from paper. Sorry plastic money friends out there, this one just won't work for you this time! 

You get everything you need to start trying this out and if you need to refill the post-it's after a while you can find packs of them pretty much anywhere. Yep normal post-it's are the only thing need to refill to keep doing this. 


Gotta have 'em? The good news is that all three of these can be purchased from your favorite magic shop today. Have more questions? Drop a comment below or feel free to drop a post on our Facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/allthingsmagic

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