NOVA by Avi Yap
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NOVA by Avi Yap

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You won't believe your eyes, check this out! 

With the popularity of social media card tricks like the TNR or a visual color change you usually need a gimmick of some sort to achieve the effect. What if we told you that All Things Magic buddy, Avi Yap has developed a concept to perform these card tricks without any gimmicks, yet they are still insanely visual?

From the mind of Avi Yap, we proudly present to you Nova.

Nova is Avi Yap's signature card routine that has been developed for more than 4 years. Nova has impressed many respected magicians around the world like Dave Buck, Daniel Prado, Shawn Farquhar, Harapan Ong and Gregory Wilson. It's hard to believe that Nova doesn't require gimmicks until you learn the secret.

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