Black Door by Riccardo Berdini (2 Envelopes)
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Black Door by Riccardo Berdini (2 Envelopes)

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Pros are calling it a game-changer. This hands-free switching device unleashes power never-before-seen in mentalism or magic.

"A beautiful tool for your arsenal of methods." - BANACHEK

"One of the best designs I've seen. Or haven't seen, completely invisible! SO GOOD!" - DANIEL GARCIA

Black Door allows you to force whatever you want in the cleanest way possible. Hands off. You put a bill, a card, a piece of paper inside the envelope and you hand it to the spectator. The switch is done.

You can now perform all your favorite effects without any effort.

Black Door comes with 2 envelopes (3' x 4'5") and 90 minutes instructional video explaining how to use it and several routines that you can perform with this amazing device.

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