Pulse - Pro Magic Calculator by Magic Pro Ideas
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Pulse - Pro Magic Calculator by Magic Pro Ideas

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PULSE is a magic calculator that you can use on your phone or even better, on the spectator's phones very easily.

Just by using an NFC tag (INCLUDED!) that you can palm, or also, by entering a small URL in front of the noses of your spectators!

You can perform the toxic trick (force any number on any phone), at any time, in a much easier and safer way, without the probability of failure.

Also, you can force the date and time with the exact minutes in which you are automatically!, the app will do everything for you!

And... will be able to ERASE and REAPPEAR numbers, even with the spectator's calculator, in a unique and very simple way.

Pulse will auto-detect what type of phone your spectator has, and will show an identical iPhone calculator or a modern Android calculator.

Pulse works on all iOS and Android phones.

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