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Join us LIVE every Tuesday at 8:30pm EST on our YT Channel and FB Page!
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Cups and Balls and Cups and Balls! - David Regal

Luke Dancy

It's time for one of my favorite routines..the David Regal Cups and Balls! David is an old friend who helped produce my very first magic DVD so I thought it would be fun to highlight one of his classics. 

This routine is packed full of surprises so you will quickly see why I'm such a fan. If you've never seen this before buckle up and get ready for a good time.

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  • Danny Tangelo on

    I got those cheap wooden cups. They tend to shatter of you drop them, or smack them with a wand.

  • Doug James on

    This is one of my favorite C&B routines! So good. And yes! I had a set of those little plastic cups at the beginning too.

  • Tom Collett on

    I had them too! It was mid 70’s and I slayed with the standard penetration routine (That’s the way I remember it anyway and I’m sticking to the story…) I got an AL set when I was 11 and learned Vernon’s routine from his manuscript. I’m still doing it today.

  • Patrick Warsalla on

    Sure did, an Adams Magic Set got my first one in 1965!

  • Renzi Norris on

    Yes my first set of cups was the tri colored pair and I still use them.

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