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Member Spotlight: Van McGee

Luke Dancy

Member Spotlight: 
Van McGee
I'm proud to go old school this week by throwing the ole ATM spotlight on Van! Coming at you from Irving, TX Van McGee is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to closeup magic AND he's known around these parts as the official ATM librarian.
With a passion for knowledge and magic it's been fun getting to know him over the years and seeing him at some of the original TSD conventions back in the day.
He's also a math teacher AND is skilled in the martial arts so if his students don't listen..well you know the rest!
Van's a regular in our live Zoom room 'The Lounge' so make sure to drop by some time and say hello. You'll recognize him right away..he's the guy surrounded by magic books 😉

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  • Bill Lewis on

    Van I was organizing my library and found several of Roger Smiths booklets and I thought of you and a search found this site and I thought I would drop a note. Still practicing but no one to discuss with I have moved between Athens and Tyler so mostly do little simple quick packet tricks in walk around situations. Just wanted to say hi and see what was happening magic wise since Covid seems to be where we are not as locked down.

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